If you answered              to any of these questions, you’re at the right place!

Have you experienced a major life change like menopause, divorce, a job loss? 
Is your body beginning to show signs of aging?
Do you desire to reinvent your life?
Are you ready to up level your health and fitness?
Do you desire to age gracefully?
Are you ready to get back in shape physically and mentally?
Do you want more energy?
Are you afraid if you don’t start soon, it will be too late?
Do you have eating habits that you know are not serving you well?
Do you desire to look and feel better in your clothes?
Would you benefit from having a community of like-minded women to provide support, motivation, and accountability?
Do you desire to start living your best life now?

to jumpstart your lifestyle to become healthy, fit, and fabulous?

Are you ready ?

 I understand what it’s like to feel alone and confused. I understand how difficult it is to reinvent your life, especially after loss. 

At age 60, I found myself needing to rebuild my life after my fiancé and I ended our long-term relationship. I was heartbroken, broke, and depressed. In 2019, I moved into a one-bedroom apartment with nothing more than my dog, my clothes, and a few personal belongings.
I was eating poorly, drinking too much wine, sleeping too much, and going in the wrong direction.

While lying in bed after suffering a serious fall while walking my dog, I realized Life had given me a wakeup call; a big thump on the head literally, as it said, “It’s time to get your life together.”

I know exactly how it feels to be at this point in your life. Like you, I struggled with all the above.

To regain my strength and renew my confidence, I knew I needed to change. I began lifting weights at my small apartment gym. I also began taking charge of my mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. I was on a mission to totally recreate my life. I was no longer the woman I used to be, but I was not yet the woman who I determined I was going to be.  

It took discipline, courage, faith, and strength to rid myself of my old habits and patterns that were keeping me stuck in a rut. I let go of resentments and fear and focused on inspiration and insights to lead me out of the darkness.

Since then, I have completely recreated myself and my life’s journey. My life has taken on new meaning and purpose. I’m in the best shape of my life as I have regained my physical and mental strength and renewed my confidence. I took my power back! 

And now I’m ready to share my secrets with you! Most of us have spent a lifetime taking care of those we love. Now it’s time to take care of you!
If you’re ready to stop dreaming about becoming your best self and actually do it, then I’m here to help you every step of the way!

but guess what?

Discover how to finally get rid of the menopause belly.

Take control of your mindset and your life.

Boost your energy and your vitality with simple nutrition habits and rituals.

Look and feel beautiful and confident.

Reinvent your life; it’s not too late.

Jump start your most important goals.

A life-changing course created for women in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond.
 Discover the power to improve your health, your habits, and your happiness.

Secrets of the Empowered Woman

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the course

Become more fit and improve your flexibility.

Connect in a private community of like-minded women.

This is more than just another online course! This is a private community of like-minded women (SEW Sisters) who are achieving the goals that matter most to them. Here you will receive support, encouragement, and accountability so you too, can achieve your most important goals and realize your dreams. 

You’ll be part of an exclusive network of women (SEW Sisters) where friendships are formed, and bonds are created.

Secrets of the Empowered Woman is a growing community that offers weekly course modules taught live + additional live group coaching calls, fun challenges, and a place to share your wins, stories, favorite books, beauty secrets, recipes and more.

more than just another online course

Your vision is the foundation for your success. Clarity of focus is the first step in creating your vision. Before you can create change in your life, you need to know where you’re going. Vision gives you the destination. Decision gives you the power to get there. In this module, you will get clear on your next steps for bringing your vision to life. Once you make the decision to align with your vision, you will open your eyes and your world to new opportunities for your vision to become your reality. 

Change your mindset; change your identity. Your identity is a combination of your beliefs and habits that shape the way you see yourself. Your identity reveals your mindset. Your identity influences how you think, feel, and behave, for better or for worse. In this module, you will learn how to master your mindset, so it works for you, not against you. Your mindset must align with your actions to create a new you. You will learn the secrets to connect your mindset with your highest vision of yourself.

the contents

your vision

your mindset

module one

module two

Food is fuel. Has your energy slowly been decreasing over time? Are you ready to have more energy to do things you enjoy? Allow menopause weight to fall away naturally with your healthy eating lifestyle. In this module we talk all things food. I will share my personal, nutrition philosophy where we shift away from the diet culture to a simpler, more sustainable way of eating to maintain vibrant energy and good health. You will identify which foods make you feel and look your best and which foods deplete your energy and your glow. You will learn how to easily organize your kitchen, so it sets you up for success to eat well and remove temptations that test your will power.

your food

module four

In order to bring anything new into your life, you need to provide room for it to enter. The way you allow new things to enter your life, is by letting go of what no longer serves you. I will share my personal journaling prompts that guided me through my transformation. In this module, you will be encouraged and supported to review your home and your heart for what needs to be released so you can make room for your dream life to enter. You will learn easy and applicable feng shui tips for your home. This module will leave you feeling light and free. 

your flow

module Three

The principles and practices in this course are designed to help you create the vibrant lifestyle you deserve!

It’s time to take charge of your beautiful body. In this module. You feel alive and energized when your body is fit, strong and flexible. In this module, will discuss how and why exercise is the key to aging gracefully. Movement is a must if you want to have a healthy lifestyle. I will share helpful tips from my personal fitness regimen.

When you look and feel beautiful, you feel powerful and confident. The beauty secrets you learn in this module will leave you feeling refreshed, renewed, and full of vitality. You will enjoy enhancing your beauty with new rituals and routines for gorgeous hair, makeup secrets, skin care for glowing skin, and rituals for a good night’s sleep. We’ll also share best practices regarding menopause. 

your body

your beauty

module five

module six

My name is Sam. I’ve always been pretty active until I sprained my ankle and could no longer manage some of the tasks around our farm. I had to sit for a few months, and it was hard. I felt down. One day I saw Harrah on Instagram - her positive energy was kind of contagious, and I wanted to know her secret.

I was able to speak to Harrah and join SEW as a Founding Member in hopes of grabbing some of the that energy. Now I am back out in the flower farm with a renewed sense of strength and confidence. I have taken on the good habits I needed to become the healthiest me - both physically and mentally.

I gained so much more than the pounds I lost. If you’re thinking of taking the course, I encourage you to take the time.

Samantha Lipoma


As I continue my journey to health and wellness. Prioritizing myself is a huge challenge. I was determined to reach my goals, yet everything and everyone was getting in my way.

SEW provided some terrific tools to work with as well as accountability, which I desperately needed. It motivated me to declutter, get up earlier, go to bed earlier, work out more regularly.

These were goals I had on my personal list, but I was a procrastinator, I think it was partially because I did not have the accountability. This group continues to provide accountability, with regular check-ins and weekly meetings.

Theresa A Rao


Considering joining? Do it! Make this your gift to you! When I look for that procrastinator now? She doesn’t live here anymore!!!

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Each of the six training modules are pre-recorded. There will be live Q+A with each training.

Join the Fun

Get unlimited support and connect with other amazing women in our members only online community.


Join Harrah each week for live, group coaching Zoom calls where you can get your questions personally answered.


Hi, I'm Harrah and I’m a Women’s Lifestyle Coach.

I am trained to teach women self-esteem and the psychology of success by Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles, and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.

I offer simple tips and techniques for creating healthy, lifestyle habits. These subtle shifts will feel like a breath of fresh air has entered your life. With these small changes you will create big, amazing results!

I teach and share the same techniques I used personally to coach myself back to success and reinvent myself after becoming unexpectedly single, broke and heartbroken at 60.

Do you long to reinvent your life, recreate your new healthy lifestyle, feel confident, age with strength, beauty and grace, own your power and live your best life now?

If so, you have come to the right place! I have helped thousands of women get unstuck and reclaim the life they know they are worthy of living, and I am eager to do the same for you!

My name is Harrah Brown.


I’m faced with challenges I was reluctant to deal with, but now I feel empowered to both face them and handle them. I learned things about myself and have a new level of self-awareness. I’ve met an incredible group of women. We share our stories, learn from each other, and have developed genuine friendships.
I’ve found a vision for myself, and now I have all the tools I need to get there.

Through SEW and Harrah’s coaching, I discovered what’s been holding me back, where to place my focus, and how to move forward. 

Jill Richardson


I believe in being happy. It’s never too late to make dreams come true. After a lifetime of putting my family first, my new goal is expanding and growing my online shop.

SEW helped me to get and stay back on track with my workouts, my food, and my goals. Each new stage of life brings new challenges and opportunities to think about what’s working and what should change.

Harrah is open about how she is successfully navigating all of this, and she is so generous with sharing what she thinks works. She’s caring and never judgmental.

Evy Jacob


SEW is a community of goal-oriented women, led by Harrah, to encourage and inspire us to be successful in this next stage of life

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3 Bonus Videos

Q+A with group Coaching

members only community

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3 bonus videos

Q+a with group coaching

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frequently asked

Inspiration, motivation, support, transformation, and community. A guided process of steps, strategies, processes, and progress towards creating your best life. This program is created so you can become the best version of yourself, in the way that matters most to you.

I’m ready to help you with your personal transformation that’s why I offer several weekly group coaching calls live via zoom to all members. 

There are multiple weekly, Live Coaching, Zoom calls for you to choose from.

No, this is not an exercise program, but there is an added, bonus video of me doing an at home workout with my trainer.

The course is a set of 6 weekly modules, plus 3 bonus videos, based on personal development, goal setting, recreating your vision, clearing blockages in your heart and home, implementing healthy food habits, understanding the importance of movement, and enjoying the art of aging gracefully, confidently, and beautifully. 

You also get access to a Members Only Community Platform. Here you can interact with me and other members 24/7. This is also where you’ll have access to our Weekly Group Coaching Calls.

- At home workout with Harrah and her trainer.
- Feng Shui for Wealth from my “Rich and Sexy Feng Shui Course”
- The 8 Most Common Mistakes Women Make in the Bedroom from my “Rich and Sexy Feng Shui Course”

Stay tuned- this fun and practical Feng Shui course will be released at a later date. 

The course consists of six modules of “go at your own pace” video recordings. Also, lifetime access to both the course and any future updates.

YES! I’m happy to offer payment plans.

I’m sharing the principles and practices that I’ve personally used to transform my life. While you may practice the same principles, the results may be different for everyone. DISCLAIMER: According to my Attorney, I cannot guarantee or warrant specific results.

No, but I am a Certified Feng Shui Consultant and trained to teach self-esteem and success principles by Jack Canfield’s “Chicken Soup for the Soul Series”. I’m also sharing from personal experience what has worked for me.

Our policy is no refunds on digital products. I truly believe if you put in the work, you'll get your transformation. But, if you decide this course and my teaching style is not for you, simply email us within 48 hours of purchase and we'll be happy to give you a refund.


marna varney

Sign on - Run, don’t walk! It is fantastic!

The main challenge has been my “the struggle of the juggle” in trying to find time to focus to set healthy goals with a mindful and actionable approach.

SEW has been an incredibly empowering course.  Harrah’s life experience, her “all-in” approach, and her very well thought through program, has offered tremendous information, valuable insight, personal reflections, and individual and group guidance to identify and foster moving forward when your life path is feeling “stuck”. 

The weekly zoom calls have been instrumental and have entailed structured course materials (recorded for playback), interactive group coaching with caring, honest, relatable feedback (never “judgy”), and group accountability calls to reinforce growth with gratitude.  In its entirety, this course has far surpassed anything that I could have envisioned. Harrah is a champion of women, but with modesty.  She has inspired all of us. 

This course has ignited a new sense of Power; I can, I will, I am feeling! 

I especially loved meeting incredible like-minded women who listen, support and cheer with and for each other with genuine sincerity and verve!

Connecting in a private community of like-minded women while surpassing and expanding original goals set while being supported by amazing women.

At 61 years old I realized that I was living in a state-of-flux and needed to make positive changes in my life. 

SEW has been the most significant step I have taken to impact the rest of my life regarding my personal development. SEW has guided me to set goals and create the vision to achieve these goals. 

Through Harrah’s modules we were shown the importance of journaling, daily affirmations, accountability, and mindset while receiving encouragement and support from Harrah and the amazing group of women in SEW with whom I am sharing this wonderful journey toward self- empowerment.

Harrah taught us that as we set a particular goal and worked toward this accomplishment many other successes would open along the way. I absolutely testify to this. As I worked my plan, surprising and unexpected doors opened, and I am overwhelmed with the success of this process. 

With the right mindset and dedication, we, as empowered women, can truly affect great changes in our lives and in the lives of others. 

The Sisterhood of SEW has provided me with comfort, support, friendship, and accountability. I cannot stress how wonderfully this group has supported each other during this experience.

Becoming a member of SEW has created many new beginnings. By following this course, I have tangible, positive, growth and for like-minded women I cannot more strongly encourage this program. I will end with a mantra from one of our members: “I can, I will, I must!” 


Deborah Granata

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