Once you learn the Rich and Sexy Feng Shui Formula, you will have the tools to immediately begin to create the life you’ve always dreamed of having! Whether you desire more money, a relationship, to strengthen your existing relationships, improve your energy and vitality, or experience the success you’ve always wanted, I will show you how EASY it can be to attract the lifestyle you desire!

Imagine how you would feel if you could wave a magic wand and improve any area of your life. What would you choose? Here's the good news, you don’t have to limit your life to just one area? In fact, why would you? If you’re like many of my clients, you have been disappointed with your lack of results, and regardless of how hard you try you can’t seem to make your most important dreams turn into reality.

Imagine being able to               from what has been holding you back so you can stop being stuck and start living                          

Imagine being able to                from what has been holding you back so you can stop being stuck and start living                          

break free

the life you love!

Do you have areas in your life where no matter what you do, you can’t move your life forward? If so, I’m going to teach you my step-by-step Rich & Sexy Feng Shui formula.

Do any of these sound familiar? If so, not to worry, because it's about to change.

You’re tired of being single and you’re beginning to wonder if you’re ever going to meet the love of your life.

Everyone keeps telling you, you’ll meet someone when the time is right.

You’re ready to have and attract more money, but it’s not showing up.

You want to level up your love relationship.

You’re tired of the money struggle.

You struggle with finding your ideal life path.

You want to feel healthy, vibrant, fit, and sexy, but where do you start.

You've heard of Feng Shui but have no idea where to begin.

You're bogged down, stuck in a rut, and you're ready to get out of it.

I am about to share with you my Simple, Step-By-Step, Rich & Sexy Feng Shui Formula. You can be like the thousands of women who were finally able to quickly begin changing and moving their life in the direction of their dreams. 

Whether you desire more riches, a loving, romantic relationship, more energy and vitality, or a rich and satisfying career – it’s all possible. Plus, you will LOVE how much energy, confidence, and excitement you will experience as you begin to remove the hidden obstacles that have been blocking your rich and sexy lifestyle! 

If any of these scenarios sound true for you then you are in luck and you have come to the right place. 

The Rich & Sexy Feng Shui formula is the simply the BEST way to get unstuck and get your life moving again!

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You see, Feng Shui is not a magic button, nor is it a religion or a spiritual practice. You can’t just hang a crystal or paint your front door red and voila,  your life is transformed instantly! Real Feng Shui is about connecting with the energy of your home to create an environment where your innermost dreams have an opportunity to take root. Like a gardener, you will learn how to nurture and tend to your home in new ways, and as you do, your dreams and wishes for love and riches, will be the flowers that will spring forth. 

If you’re like most people, you’ve heard of Feng Shui, but you're not sure what it is or how to use it. A lot of famous celebrities, large companies and hotels use apply Feng Shui to attract more success. You may have read a few books on the subject, but if you’re like most, you found the information and application confusing. Maybe you tried an interesting idea or two, but nothing that really turned your life around. If that’s the case, you’re in for a treat! I have an inspiring, exciting, life-changing program for you. But first, let me share with you who I am and why you will want to listen to me. 

is and isn't

What Feng Shui

  hi,My name is                       
I'm a Feng Shui expert.

Harrah Brown

How do my clients experience life changing successes, and how do you know if I will I be able to help you? Because I understand your pain, having experienced much of it myself. Coupled with my extensive training in the United States and in China, and with my ability to “read” an environment, I am completely qualified and aware of what needs to be done to remove the obstacles that have been standing in the way of you magnetizing your most important goals. The question is: Are YOU ready to attract your dream life?

My mission is guiding women to create big, positive lifestyle changes with the help of Feng Shui, Mindset, and Self-Empowerment. It's what I do best! In fact, I love helping people create their dream life so much, that over the last decade, I have taught thousands of women how to shift the energy in their home  and heart with dramatic results. And while most of my clients are women, I have had success with businesses, including a major Hotel-Casino Resort. As a business owner, you will be able to apply many of the same techniques in your business.

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Until now, no one has put these steps into a COMPLETE, EASY-TO-FOLLOW, PROVEN SYSTEM that is simple, affordable and effective. With the Rich & Sexy Feng Shui Formula™, you will be amazed at how EASILY you can do this, saving yourself hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, along with saving yourself the frustration of trying to figure out the "how to and how not to" of Feng Shui. Plus, I will be with you every step of the way!

If you’re ready to live your best life, I want to teach you these Feng Shui secrets! 

NOW, it’s your turn to move beyond struggling and surviving and move to flourishing and thriving and really begin to enjoy your life! 

That’s why I have created an EASY, yet profound formula for you to follow and duplicate. This is just too good not to share, and since there is only one of me and many of you who have requested my help, I am thrilled to bring you the Rich & Sexy Feng Shui formula.

You will discover how your environment is secretly keeping you stuck. This will surprise you!

With your new “Feng Shui Eyes” you will look at your home in a completely new way, and when you do you will see new opportunities all around you, including money, love and energy, that you may not have noticed before!

Regardless of where you live now or move to in the future, you will have the knowledge and wisdom to create a beautiful, positively energized home that allows you to live the life of your dreams. You see, once you have the Rich & Sexy Feng Shui Formula™ you will be able to apply them to any home, anywhere.

Your passion and brilliance will come alive as you discover ways to unleash your talents in a much bigger way, allowing you to make a huge difference in the lives of others.  

Best of all, you will be able to create the life of your dreams by applying the easy, yet profound secrets which were once reserved exclusively for the Emperors of China.

Instantly boost your energy and vitality so you can attract more money, more love, and more success in all areas of your life!

Have more clarity as you discover what your true passion is and be able to create the opportunity for your passion to be shared with others so you can massively increase your cash flow!

Open the door for new opportunities to flow into your life!

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Here's a peek at what you'll learn:

- Laura

After completing this course I was finally able to see that the feng shui principles she taught me really will change the energy of love, happiness and harmony in anyone’s lives. This course has been nothing short of a miracle for me. Since taking this course I have met John, one of the greatest loves in my life and the Love and Money has been….beyond what I could have ever imagined! I am deeply grateful for all I learned in this course, and I tell all my girlfriends that this course is life-changing, and they’ve got to take it!”

Since taking this course, my life has been absolutely filled with love, romance, and harmony! 


 I get on everyday just to see what's new. I would not call myself a computer person, but I think the Rich and Sexy program is so easy to navigate. I like the fact that it is divided into categories so well. I also like the different things available–audio, video, the homework, and book suggestions for me to look at on my own. I truly look forward to seeing what's new each time I log in. I'm learning so much!"

I thoroughly enjoy this course and LOVE the site! 

kind words

  • The single most important step to materializing your dream life. This ONE shift will change the way you look at your life and your home in ways you never thought possible. You will discover how EASY it can be to get your life back into motion and moving forward.

  • The 3 most important areas of your home you must attend to before being able to move forward with your dreams. (Skip this and you may continue to be stuck…indefinitely!)

  • What every day personal belongings have been keeping your dreams captive? You will be amazed how simple items in your home have been keeping your dreams from entering your life now! The most common, everyday error people have in their homes that literally makes now not the right time for money and love to show up. And it takes less than 5 minutes to fix!

  • Let's take a look at the most important room of your home: your bedroom.

  • Discover the 8 most common bedroom errors that have been blocking your success, love and happiness!

  • Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to quickly and powerfully release the life you've known and open the doors that welcome the lifestyle of your dreams. Yes, there most likely will be items in your home, that when released will quicken the process of you becoming magnetic to your new lifestyle! 

the contents

OPEN THE DOOR for money and love to enter


module one

module two

  • Learn what energy your personal decorating patterns have been creating and how to create a dynamic energy shift that attracts your dream life!

  • Use the five elements of water, metal, earth, wood, and fire with confidence to enhance the natural flow of abundance, love and wealth in your life!

  • Discover how easy it is to create an ambiance that attracts, when you learn  how to balance the "He-She" energy of Yin and Yang.

Create a High-vibe home

module four

  • Lean how apply the Bagua Map to your home so it can act as a virtual magnet for everything you desire.

  • Learn the details of each 9 specific areas of the Bagua.

  • Don’t know what colors to paint rooms in your home? No worries, this popular subject will be covered in detail.

  • You'll easily determine how to powerfully and intentionally use the decor items you already have!

Activate YOur Power Zones

module Three

The principles and practices in this course are designed to help you align your home to attract what you love!

  • This module is all about you and making yourself and your personal spaces a priority.

  • Discover where your personal energy is blocked and how to release these  blocks to increase your energy, vitality, and magnetism!

  • Learn how to connect with your feminine energy to attract love and abundance.

  • This one module will teach you how to Feng Shui your own home and save thousands of dollars! 

  • You’ll learn the exact process Harrah uses to feng shui a home to attract specific results. After this module, you will be able to determine which Feng Shui applications and adjustments are needed specifically for your home to attract your ideal life. 

  • You’ll know how to read the “energy” of the room with your newly developed “Feng Shui Eyes”. This module comes with easy-to-follow checklists to use as you Feng Shui your home. 

Awaken your rich and sexy magnetic power

feng shui your home

module five

module six

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- Tami

I can now look at my home and my office with what Harrah calls my “feng shui” eyes. And with the skills and tips I learned from this course, I now know how to activate the energy in my home to increase the flow of abundance into my life.  Within days of applying a few simple changes into my home, exciting results occurred: my husband received a new job opportunity which has dramatically increased our cash flow, and the best part, the romance in our relationship has been re-energized with passion! I am deeply grateful for the knowledge I gained from Harrah’s Rich & Sexy Feng Shui Formula, which has now become an integral part of my life. The beauty of this course is it is fun, sexy and informational and you totally feel transformed through the entire process. And since, “once you know – you can’t – not know,” you’ll benefit from this course for the rest of your life! 

the knowledge I gained through this program has allowed me to feel more empowered, sexy, and more alive!

Payment Plan

6 video modules

lifetime access

monthly Q+A with harrah 

members only community

2 payments of $297

One Payment 

6 modules video modules

lifetime access

Monthly Q+a with harrah

members only community

1 payment of $497

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best value!

With the Rich & Sexy Feng Shui Formula you too, can begin making simple, yet profound changes that will immediately produce uplifting, life changing results as you Become Magnetic to the Lifestyle You Desire!

I am sure that by now you’re realizing that the Rich & Sexy Feng Shui Formula is going to be an exciting, life-changing opportunity, that you can’t wait to begin! I provide you with all the detailed instructions and guidance so you truly can discover how to Become Magnetic to the Lifestyle You Desire!

I have truly poured my heart and soul into putting this information together for you in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step, complete format.

chances are quite likely I have had clients who are exactly where you are 

As you can imagine, with having personally been in over 1,000 homes, 

Right Now

There is NOTHING else out there like the Rich & Sexy Feng Shui Formula! 

6 engaging modules via our private membership site, where you can read and print your manual pages. Each week Harrah will teach you a Feng Shui lesson that will support and guide you in taking the next step to creating your Rich and Sexy Lifestyle transformation! All modules are recorded for your convenience.

With each module, you will receive self-paced homework. This homework is in the form of checklists and worksheets, designed to help keep you focused and guide you step-by-step, through the process of learning how to Feng Shui your home so you can begin to attract your most fabulous lifestyle!

Your Step-By-Step, Rich & Sexy online manual: The Rich & Sexy Feng Shui Formula includes downloadable pages to create your content rich manual, that guides you through the entire formula in detail. You will have access to a new feng shui lesson every week. All the pdfs and manual pages used in the course are available for you to download and print.
You will also have access to our exclusive online, member's only community. Here you will be able to connect with other members as you support and assist each other in the transformational process of identifying and removing the obstacles that may have kept money and love at bay. You can also share your own successes and insights.

You will have lifetime access to the Rich and Sexy Feng Shui formula course, along with bi-weekly Zoom calls with Harrah, and training materials. Here you will find worksheets, assignments, guides, and additional learning tools, all designed to help you feel confident as you feng shui your home. 

Get YOUR personal questions answered with direct support from Harrah: You'll receive support and have your questions answered personally by Harrah through our private online community bi-weekly, Zoom class and a private chat line direct to Harrah’s inbox. This, along with all the other offerings, will ensure that you get results as you create the magnificent lifestyle you desire! 

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The Rich and Sexy Feng Shui formula includes:


frequently asked

There is no stop and start date. The course begins when you enroll.

Rich and Sexy Feng Shui is a powerful combination of principles, practices and applications used to reset the energy of your home in a way that aligns your home with what you most want to attract, be it love, money, and new opportunities.

With the Rich and Sexy Feng Shui course you’ll learn how to create subtle changes in your environment that can energetically attract people, prosperity, and new experiences into your life. You'll discover where the energy flows in your home creating a positive atmosphere and where the energy is blocked in your home creating stagnant circumstances.

Harrah offers several monthly group Q&A calls live via Zoom to all members. There is also a private chat line directly to Harrah for your most personal questions.

  • The complete 6 module course is complete with downloadable manual pages,  with checklists, charts, and diagrams
  • Bi-weekly, Live Q&A calls to answer your specific questions
  • Harrah will be sharing actual consultations for your learning experience
  • All trainings are pre-recorded for your convenience
  • Lifetime access to the Rich and Sexy Feng Shui formula and all future updates
  • Desktop and smartphone access for easy and convenient learning

You also get access to a Members Only Community Platform where you can interact with Harrah and the other members in the community. 

YES! I’m happy to offer payment plans.

I’m sharing the principles, practices, and applications that I’ve personally used with over a thousand clients. While you may practice the same principles, the results may be different for everyone, as everyone’s environment and goals are different. DISCLAIMER: I cannot and do not guarantee or warrant any specific results.

Our policy is no refunds on digital products. I truly believe if you put in the work, you'll get your transformation. But, if you decide this course and my teaching style is not for you, simply email us @info@harrahbrown.com within 24 hours of purchase and we'll be happy to give you a refund.

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Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don't apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual's success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn money, travel, or get married.