Each month we offer a new, monthly health and wellness challenge  designed to help you make this your best year yet!  
The monthly challenges empowers you to level up your habits and rituals in the areas of fitness, wellness, mindset and nutrition. The monthly calendar adds a fun and easy, action item for each day that builds on creating a healthy lifestyle.
Each monthly challenge is centered around aging powerfully while creating healthy lifestyle habits designed to help you live your best life now!

Join us for multiple Live Zoom calls each month:
Attend Coaching Calls, Workshops and Guest Speaker Presentations. These live Zoom calls allow you to connect with me face to face to get your questions answered.
This is where you'll also meet the other women in the community. Our group calls are like having your own personal Mastermind group. You'll make new friends and feel a real sense of community and connection with women from all over the world. 

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A NEW montlhy wellness challenge

live coaching


This is where you meet and connect with other members from all over the world.  You can share posts, photos, answer polls, make comments and chat privately with other members and myself via our private chat box.
For your convenience, everything is under one roof! All the Zoom meetings, Q&A sessions, resources, courses and programs are housed within our own private community. 
Everything inside the private community is accessible via your cell phone or computer.



Inside the Members' Club community, you'll find a variety of lessons and workshops from myself and guest speakers.
In these lessons, I share the same simple steps I use personally to stay committed to my goals.
In the community you'll find insightful, journal prompts, monthly challenges, workshop videos and interviews, and exercise videos from my personal workouts, plus more.


my mission is to Inspire and empower women to re-ignite their personal power to improve their health, their habits and their happiness.

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The Members' Club is a unique membership experience where you learn how to level-up your confidence, energy, health, fitness, success and beauty in your life!

The monthly challenges are designed to guide you in becoming your best self and living your best life now! You’ll learn my actual fitness routines, mastering your mindset, self-care, personal power, aging powerfully, nutrition, journaling for success and much more!

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I’m a Women’s Lifestyle Coach.

I am trained to teach women self-esteem and the psychology of success by Jack Canfield, author of The Success Principles, and co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series.

I offer simple tips and techniques for creating long-lasting lifestyle habits. These subtle shifts will feel like a breath of fresh air has entered your life. With these small changes you will create big, amazing results!  

I teach and share the same techniques I used personally to reinvent myself after becoming unexpectedly single  and heartbroken at 60. I was devastated, but with each passing day, as I coached myself back to success mentally, emotionally and physically, I have been able to completely reinvent myself and create a bigger, more wonderful life than I ever imagined possible!

Do you long to reinvent your life, recreate your new healthy lifestyle, feel confident, age with strength, beauty and grace, own your power and live your best life now?

If so, you have come to the right place! I have helped thousands of women get unstuck and reclaim the life they know they are worthy of living, and I am eager to do the same for you!

Hi, my name is Harrah Brown.


I’m faced with challenges I was reluctant to deal with, but now I feel empowered to both face them and handle them. I learned things about myself and have a new level of self-awareness. I’ve met an incredible group of women. We share our stories, learn from each other, and have developed genuine friendships.
I’ve found a vision for myself, and now I have all the tools I need to get there.

Through SEW and Harrah’s coaching, I discovered what’s been holding me back, where to place my focus, and how to move forward. 

Jill Richardson


I believe in being happy. It’s never too late to make dreams come true. After a lifetime of putting my family first, my new goal is expanding and growing my online shop.

SEW helped me to get and stay back on track with my workouts, my food, and my goals. Each new stage of life brings new challenges and opportunities to think about what’s working and what should change.

Harrah is open about how she is successfully navigating all of this, and she is so generous with sharing what she thinks works. She’s caring and never judgmental.

Evy Jacob


SEW is a community of goal-oriented women, led by Harrah, to encourage and inspire us to be successful in this next stage of life.

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Inspiration, motivation, support, transformation, and community. A guided process of steps, strategies, processes, and progress towards creating your best life. This program is created so you can become the best version of yourself, in the way that matters most to you.

We’ve got you covered. The Zoom calls are recorded so you can view them at your convenience! 

I’m ready to help you with your personal transformation that’s why I offer several weekly group coaching calls live via zoom to all members. 

There are multiple weekly, Live Coaching, Zoom calls for you to choose from.

The monthly challenges do have an element of fitness and exercise to them such as walking and simple workouts, but the program is geared towards motivating and encouraging you to workout your preferred way.
Included are videos of me doing an at home workout with my trainer. and several 15 minute beginner weight training workouts.

The program is a month to month membership. If you decide the program is not right for you, you can cancel at anytime. To cancel send an email to info@harrahbrown.com at least 48 hours before your monthly renewal requesting your membership be canceled and your membership will be canceled. If your renewal payment has posted, your account will be canceled as of the following month.

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